Physics for Scientists and Engineers Extended Version: Paul A. Tipler, Gene Mosca: 9780716789642

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Publication Date: August 16, day | ISBN-10: 0,716,789,647 | ISBN-13 :978-0716789642 | edition: Enlarged the sixth of
Sixth edition physics for scientists and engineers # of a fully integrated text and media solution, students learn the most effective, and will make the performance of the professor to customize them of the classroom, so that, they teach most effectively, it will help. The text includes a new strategic problem-solving approach, a comprehensive math tutorial, and new tools to improve the understanding of the concept.

In order to simplify the text of the review and use, the physical # scientists and engineers, and is available in these versions:
Volume 1 Mechanics / oscillation and Waves / Thermodynamics (the chapters 1-20, R) 1-4292-0132-0
Volume 2 Electricity and Magnetism / bright (chapters 21-33) 1-4292-0133-9
3 Primary Modern Physics (34-41). 1-4292-0134-7
Standard Edition (the chapters 1-33, R) 1-4292-0124-X
The extended version (the chapters 1-41, R) 0-7167-8964-7