Pipe Drafting and Design, Third Edition: Roy A. Parisher: 9780123847003

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Publication Date: October 18,2011 | ISBN-10: 0123847001 ISBN-13 :978-0,123,847,003 Edition: 3
Piping drafting and design, Third Edition provides a step-by-step tube design, drawing, students through the creation of piping arrangement and isometric drawings indicate. This shows that the appropriate graphic symbols fittings, flanges, valves, and mechanical equipment.
The more than 350 illustrations and photographs provide examples and visual instructions. A unique feature is the infrastructure layout and structure of the system arrangement drawings began, and continued until the development of the 3-D model. Advanced chapters discuss the use of 3-D software tools, elevation, section, isometric drawings, bill of material extracted.

Covered by pipeline from the fundamentals of development, pipeline drawings detailed proposals for the drafting and design, using manual and CAD techniques
The 3-D model of the image to provide a rare opportunity to visualize the entire pipeline facilities
Each chapter includes exercises and design review and practical issues
This version:

A large-scale projects, including the basis of location, device, location, arrangements, and vendor drawings
Discussion and use of modern CAD ​​tools update

Additional exercises, drawings and dimensions, provide practice and assessment

New images of PowerPoint to help develop classroom lectures

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