Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers: Max Peters, Klaus Timmerhaus, Ronald West, Max Peters : 0639785503897

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Publication Date: December 9, 2002 | ISBN-10: 0,072,392,665 ISBN-13 :978-0,072,392,661 Edition: 5
The fifth edition of the popular plant design and economics for chemical engineers fourth edition is a major revision. Process synthesis, computer-aided design, a new chapter on the design of chemical reactors. Text, economic analysis, a traditionally strong feature has been improved and updated. Another force, the size and cost of the device estimates, and updated and expanded. These improvements also reflect the changes in the availability of the device.
Many real examples throughout the book to include the solution of the computer or a hand, and a frequent occurrence. There is a greater emphasis on new computer design, economic evaluation, and optimization. Concepts, strategies and methods of computer use characteristics. These concepts are not dependent on a specific software program, and therefore applicable to a wide variety of applications software, the current and future release.

This widely used text is now more useful than ever before to provide “one-stop” chemical process design and evaluation.