Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam: A Companion to the Civil Engineering Reference Manual (9781591263821): Michael R. Lindeburg PE

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Publication Date: April 26, 2012 ISBN-10: 1,591,263,824 ISBN-13 :978-1,591,263,821 | Version: 13 version, the new version of
The exercises of the civil engineering PE exam contains 755 questions designed to help you identify the important civil engineering topics, use your knowledge of a variety of problems. Short, six minutes, the problem that the multiple choice format of the NCEES civil Sports exam, help you focus on a single theme. More complex combination of several concepts, description of an efficient and accurate solution, and help you get familiar with the codes, standards and reference, you need the exam.
The solution is clear, complete and easy to follow. U.S. Customary and SI units also support various units through all calculations have been carefully and strictly enforced. Examination allowed a variety of methods (for example, ASD and LRFD), these two solutions in this book. Often cited Civil Engineering Reference Manual and the original code and standards, guide you support when you need it the material.

Civil PE exam preparation, to solve the problem, the problem is the more, the better

Over 750 practical problems, the topics covered, codes and standards, the PE exam for civil servants
Over 350 exam, multiple choice practice questions
Over 360 based on the specific circumstances and short answer questions
Complete step by step solutions
SI and U.S. customary units for the entire
Corresponding chapter in the Civil Engineering Reference Manual
More than 130 gaming tables and 530 figures
13 new features

More than 370 problems in the structure, transport and construction practices reflect NCEES through amendments to the norms and standards and / or updated practical issues, including
More than 65 new practical problems
Use consistent naming between chapters
The revised and / or new digital over 80
After more than 15 revised and / or new table
Topics covered in exams

Construction: earthwork construction and layout, it is estimated that the number and cost of construction work methods, scheduling, materials quality control and production, temporary structures, workers’ health, safety and the environment
Geotechnical Engineering: subsurface exploration and sampling, soil and materials engineering properties of soil mechanics, earth structure, shallow foundations, earth retaining structures, deep foundations
Structure: load analysis, mechanics of materials, materials, component design, design standards
Transportation: traffic analysis, geometric design, transportation planning, traffic safety
Water Resources and Environment: closed pipeline hydraulics, open channel hydraulics, hydrology, groundwater well field, sewage treatment, water quality, water treatment, engineering economics
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