Precedents in Architecture: Analytic Diagrams, Formative Ideas, and Partis: Roger H. Clark, Michael Pause: 9780470946749

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Publication Date: February 28, 2012 ISBN-10: 0470946741 ISBN-13 :978-0470946749 Edition: 4
To update the classic building design analysis
Architectural precedent, Fourth Edition provides a vocabulary, structural analysis, in the works of the architect and designer of the famous architects to create your own design and AIDS.

Apply to any building assessment methods in this updated version of the more than 100 buildings illustrated by analysis of 35 leading international architects. This impressive collection, including 14 new buildings and seven new innovative strength, quality benefits, their design, outstanding architects. It provides valuable guidance to explore the commonalities reflected in the wide range of structures by internationally renowned architects design ideas, a gradual process of architectural history.

Beginners and experienced professionals will find the precedent of the building, the fourth edition is a very useful tool, in order to enrich their design vocabulary, and ongoing assessment of buildings in today’s changing landscape.