Pressure Vessel Handbook, 14th Edition (9780914458241): Eugene Megyesy

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Publication Date: July 29,2008 | ISBN-10: 0,914,458,248 ISBN-13 :978-0914458241 Edition: 14
The pressure vessel handbook covers carbon steel pressure vessel design and construction methods. The manual reflects the constant revision of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1, and ANSI standards, API specifications, piping codes, and pressure vessel laws. This book contains 460 illustrations, 95 tables, 30 in Fig.

Table of contents:
The first part: design and construction of pressure vessels
Under the pressure inside the vessel
Ship under the external pressure
Tower design
Container support
Nozzle Loads
Reinforcement at the junction of the cone cylinder
Welding of the pressure vessel
Regulations, norms
Foreign material
Welding tank
Piping code
Rectangular tanks.
Steel surface painting
Part II: the geometry and layout of the pressure vessel
Geometric formula
Geometric problems and construction
Solution of right triangle
Best container size
Flat ring departments
Concentric cone frustum
Eccentric cone cut head
Curved and inclined to take over
Drop the container and the nozzle at the intersection
Table 2:1 elliptical head positioning point
The length of the arc
Circumference and area of ​​a circle
Bathroom Accessories
Part III: measures and weight
Table performance of pipes, fittings
The size of the head, flange, welding neck long, welded joints, threaded pipe joints
Shell head, pipe and pipe fittings, flanges, weight, opening the packaging and insulation board, circular plates, bolts
Part of the volume of the shell and the head, the horizontal part of the cylinder volume, the elliptical shape, and a spherical head
Conversion Table
Part IV: Design of Steel Structures
Stress and strain formula
Properties section
Center of gravity
Beam formula
Design of welded joints
Example calculation
Bolt connection
Part V: Miscellaneous
Codes, standards, specifications
The list of organizations
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