Principles and Practices of Automatic Process Control: Carlos A. Smith, Armando B. Corripio: 9780471431909

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Publication Date: August 5, 2005 ISBN-10: 0,471,431,907 ISBN-13 :978-0,471,431,909 Edition: 3
Practical guide for understanding and implementing industrial control strategies.

Strong practicality and application of the principles and practice of the Third Edition of Smith and Corripio automatic process control to continue to render all the necessary automatic process control theory successful practice. The authors discuss the introduction and advanced control strategies, and show an example of how to use these strategic industries, from professional practice.

Revised third edition features:
* Expand the coverage of the development of dynamic balances
(Chapter 3)
* A new chapter in modeling and simulation (Chapter 13)
* More extensive discussion of the Distributed Control System
* New adjustment exercises (Appendix D)
* Plant-wide control and two new design case study Guide (Appendix B)
* The new business case studies (Appendix E)
* Booking website contains simulation examples and simulation exercises feedback controllers, cascade controller and feedforward controller, adjust and MATLAB (R) files

With this text, you can:
* Learning process control system analysis and design using mathematical tools.
* Have a complete understanding of the steady-state behavior of the gain.
* The development of a dynamic mathematical model of the process, will help you in control system analysis, design and operation.
* Learn how to control the basic part of the system.
* Design and tune feedback controllers.
* Suitable for a variety of techniques to improve the feedback control, cascade control, proportional control, override control, selective control, feedforward control, multivariable control loop interaction.
* Mastered the process control system using MATLAB dynamic simulation of the basic principles.
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