Principles of Project Finance: E.R. Yescombe: 9780127708515

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Publication Date: June 20, 2002 ISBN-10: 0,127,708,510 ISBN-13 :978-0127708515 Edition: 1
The launch of the practitioners to provide a balanced view of project financing, integrating legal, contractual, scheduling, and to participate in large-scale multi-project, a fleet of large single purchase of assets, asset and broad-based financing programs in other regions. It combines theory and case studies, but avoid becoming too oriented application in any particular industry. It focuses on project finance, not too academic or distress to the concept of case studies and technical requirements. The author, who has a legal background, it is necessary to recognize that some legal information, but he did not try to write a law book.

Project financing is a financing technique relies repay the cash flow defined in the contractual relationship of each project. By their very nature, these types of projects, relying on the integration of a large number of contractual arrangements, the successful completion of the operation. The project financing is an element within the field of project management. Organizations and projects around the world, many organizations use project management of the innovation process, planning, organization and control of strategic initiatives, to monitor enterprise performance, to analyze significant deviations, and to forecast its impact (S). Project management can be found in many industries today, from construction and information systems, health care, financial services, education and training.

Main features:
Project finance theory and practice-A comprehensive and authoritative guide.
- An international range of the items involved in the developed world and the developing world.
This book describes and explains:
Sources of project financing.
Typical commercial contracts (such as the project’s construction and sale of its products or services), and the impact of their project financing structure.
The risk assessment of project finance lenders, investors, and other items.
Construction of the project finance debt.
Key issues, project financing, debt financing negotiations.
Rich vocabulary and cross-references.
There is no a priori knowledge of project finance or financing techniques is assumed.
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