Principles of Sustainable Energy (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series) (9781439814079): Frank Kreith, Susan Krumdieck, Jan F. Kreider

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Publication Date: December 16,2010 ISBN-10: 1439814074 ISBN-13 :978-1439814079 Edition: 1
From fossil fuel-based economy, the transition to the use of renewable energy sources has become a necessity, this transition is not only an engineering challenge, but it will be an economic and environmental. To provide an interdisciplinary, quantitative methods, the principle of sustainable energy, a comprehensive overview of the currently available renewable energy technologies, including biomass and biofuels, solar thermal conversion, optoelectronics, wind energy conversion.

Author: by renowned expert Frank Kreith, the book emphasizes the economic and energy for each technology ROI analysis, and integration of the overall energy conservation building a sustainable energy system, renewable energy needs. Including energy storage depth, because it is considered to be the most important, and the requirements of the building, a sustainable development of renewable energy systems. The options in the treatment of nuclear economy and transport system is also included.

This book contains a working set of engineering analysis, from the point of view of the system and problem-solving examples illustrate, to strengthen the concept and application. Examples and exercises, and coverage of the solar system in the Southern latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, and the use of global solar radiation data. However, this text is not merely academic sober appearance energy picture from the ground up, and renewable energy systems, so that the resources of the government and industry as well as the text of the environment, the students of the benefits of economic and sustainable development of the engineering profession.