Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Third Edition (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing): Geoffrey Boothroyd, Peter Dewhurst, Winston A. Knight: 9781420089271

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Publication Date: December 8, 2010 ISBN-10: 1420089277 ISBN-13 :978-1420089271 Edition: 3
Hailed as an important breakthrough textbook first published in the latest round of product design and manufacturing and assembly are not satisfied with those rest on its laurels. This is the third version of the amendments in addition to all sections of the expected data update class textbook for college-level courses in product design and production design. Of a comprehensive set of each chapter and the student’s work, making the new version of the more useful.

In the third edition:

Updated, DFMA applied research
The difficulty of the classification scheme of the extended version of the product characteristics affect manual, high-speed automated processing and insertion, robotic assembly
Discussion of changes in the industry, such as the use of surface mount devices more attention to
Basic manufacturing process of new data
Powder injection molding coverage
The re-design of mechanical and electrical products as a recognized international experts, Boothroyd Dewhurst, development methodology and guiding principle of the Knights have been recorded in the product development process to provide significant savings. Usually attributed to have been working for more than 25 years to create a revolution in product design, product design, manufacturing and assembly. Very practical theory, the influencing factors of the text defined, easy to assemble, and the products are widely used in industrial processes. It demonstrates how to develop competitive products, simple configuration, and easier to manufacture in order to reduce the overall cost.

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