Puntos de partida: An Invitation to Spanish: Thalia Dorwick, Ana María Pérez Gironés, Anne Becher, Casilde Isabelli, A. Raymond Elliott: 9780073385419

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Publication Date: November 7, 2011 ISBN-10: 0073385417 ISBN-13 :978-0,073,385,419 Edition: 9
Re-examine Puntos – which is everything you want, more than you hope.
Puntos provide more than one million students in their own language learning to lay a solid foundation. The basis for the development of the four basic skills of the new version of Puntos have strong grammar and vocabulary, as well as teacher testing activities to maintain its pioneer. The new design Puntos bring excellence the fine tradition of outstanding instructor to adapt to different teaching and learning methods to support this plan.
Puntos, introduced the most successful programs in Spain, is now:
To open up new areas to meet the changing needs of face-to-face, hybrid and online Spanish courses.
Provide more opportunities for students to develop their communication skills through TelePuntos, with corresponding text and figures in a new integrated video programming.
Through LearnSmart innovation, the first one of its unique adaptive learning system Neimaigelao – Hill connected and adjusted to each student’s learning needs,
This new version of Puntos provide students with all the necessary tools, efficient and personalized way of daily life from the classroom to take their second language acquisition. Connection to Spain from the McGraw – Hill, unique digital learning platform, students have the opportunity to Le Monde interactivo an immersive story-based world, where they encounter the thrill of master based the task communication scenarios in the real world. In addition, synchronous and asynchronous video chat feature, students can easily engage in the practice of online communication. In addition, McGraw-Hill, and the blackboard ® teamed up to simplify the teachers and students in digital learning experience! McGraw – Hill allows you to manage the content of your course, job evaluation, the blackboard environment and grades from existing.
Puntos – it will take you! The project with an access code.
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