Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves: George M. Church, Ed Regis: 9780465021758

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Publication Date: October 2, 2012 ISBN-10: 0465021751 ISBN-13 :978-0465021758 Edition: 1
Imagine, in the future, humanity has become immune to viruses, bacteria can be customized to the production of daily necessities, like a drink, or generate enough electricity to end dependence on oil. Construction of housing, will require more work than planting the seeds in the ground. These situations may seem far-fetched, but the pioneering geneticist George Church and science writer Ed Regis synthetic biology to bring us closer to this vision become a reality.

Regenesis, the church and Regis explorethe of the possibility and dangers of synthetic biology in this emerging field. Synthetic biology, organisms are selectively changed by modifying the main part of their genome, may create new biological species. Until now, the sole arbiter of the nature of life, death and evolution and synthetic biology, we now have to write our own biological future potential. In fact, as the church and Regis show, it even allows us to re-examine the key point in the evolution of life in the process, and to choose a different path through the bio-synthesis technology, these properties are taken from the original.

Such an attack would involve far more than just microbes patch. Sophisticated genetic engineering will be the incredible feat, from the molecular structure of the resurrection of mammoths and other extinct creatures opposite mirror of our own creation of life forms. Control described in science fiction from a nightmare of these technologies have the ability to improve human and animal health, and to improve our intelligence, to improve our memory, and can even extend our life.

The stunning appearance of the potential of changing technology in the world, Regenesis is less than what the guide future life.