Reporting Technical Information: Kenneth W. Houp, Thomas E. Pearsall, Elizabeth Tebeaux, Sam Dragga: 9780195178791

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Publication Date: July 28,2005 | ISBN-10: 0195178793 ISBN-13 :978-0,195,178,791 Edition: 11
Better writing and success in your classroom began with the report of technical information, the tenth edition, the content very contemporary classic text.

Leading technical writing text, reports, technical information, introduces students to the various aspects of effective professional communication, including letters, proposals, progress reports, the recommendations of the report, research reports, instructions and oral reports.

Eleventh Edition features:

* Completely integrated companion website––that:
Additional resources students: Chapter 1 Overview, sample writings, self-test, the topic “annotated links and more resources, interactive teaching, key terms and concepts, and a list of important issues from book download version, and a collaborative network
Teacher: Teacher Resource Manual and download the PowerPoint file as speech auxiliary tools (CD), links to online resources, and writing instructor for better writing – sharing work successfully
Three different types of icons throughout the book, guide students to additional resources: sample files, exercises and further reading site
* New, broader approach, students in science, health, business, engineering and technical expertise in the development of type file, they will need to write in their future work environment
* Highly centralized nature of the rhetoric, writing help writers understand their readers and the context of the file will be read and use, in writing, to define their purpose and design files, use these key criteria
* Update and provide additional protection for existing technology, including the design and usability of a thorough revision of the chapter files, Web-based document and platform taking into account
Newly opened for each chapter in the real world, showing the impact of technology exchange
* New chapters, content management, versatility and creativity of the report, and use the design and format, in order to achieve a clear file
* Morality and international issues and the increase in the coverage of the global workplace
* Many new sample file – new – better able to explain the problem figures more than half of the sample files in text
* More chapter exercises, including the project to encourage student interaction and cooperation, of which there are several related links to the network part
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