Risk Analysis in Engineering: Techniques, Tools, and Trends (9781574447941): Mohammad Modarres

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Publication Date: January 13, 2006 ISBN-10: 1574447947 ISBN-13 :978-1,574,447,941 Edition: 1
Of 20 years of teaching, risk analysis: techniques, tools and trends based on the proposed an engineering approach, probabilistic risk analysis (PRA). It emphasizes comprehensive PRA studies, including technology risk management methods. I assume risk analysis of some students with little or no prior knowledge, and to provide the necessary basis of mathematics and engineering. The text relies heavily, but not limited to, from the example of the nuclear industry, because that is the PRA technique was first developed. PRA provides a best estimate, with special emphasis on the interpretation of the uncertainty characteristics.
The basic definition of the beginning of this book and the principles of risk, a description of the security and performance, and risk analysis, and the elements in engineering applications. Prominent method of pest risk analysis, the authors describe how to assess and measure the performance of the pest risk analysis of the building blocks, such as hardware subsystems, structure, composition, behavior and software reliability. He describes the characteristics and methods of uncertainty, they spread the pest risk analysis model, the estimated uncertainty of the results of the method. This book examines the important and sensitive of how to identify and sort of pest risk analysis and performance assessment model estimated risk contributors. It also includes the description of the risk acceptance guidelines and risk management programs and strategies to make the formal decision-making method. The book concludes with a brief review of the main aspects of risk communication, issues and approaches.

Professor notes, homework problems, from the course and exam, he taught his students as well as feedback DeGeneres teaching methods to provide a risk assessment engineers of a groove. This is a textbook, students and professors praise is an easy-to-use.