Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (9780875530130): American Public Health Association, AWWA (American Water Works Association), Water Environment Federation, E.W. Rice, R.B. Baird, A.D. Eaoks – Google Chrome

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Publication Date: January 5, 2012 ISBN-10: 0875530133 ISBN-13 :978-0,875,530,130 Edition: 22
Analysis, researchers and regulatory agencies since 1905 has been dependent on the peer-reviewed publications, it is still a reliable source of accurate, effective analysis of natural waters, water supply and waste water.

This book contains over 400 laboratory analysis method: dissolved solids,
Metal, free chlorine and total chlorine, odor, taste, flavor analysis, disinfection byproducts, radionuclides, total organic carbon
And Total and fecal coliform.

Progress of the 22nd edition of the science of water input and analysis of hundreds of water supply and sewage treatment consensus of experts from around the world. Laboratories around the world rely on this comprehensive reference as a trusted source of accurate, reliable water, water supply and waste water analysis methods. This is an important resource.

22 edition (in previous versions) method is considered to be the best, generally accepted procedures, analysis of water, wastewater and related materials. They represent the advice of experts, approved by a number of analysts and others more general expertise is real consensus standards, control and evaluation to provide a valid and recognized as the foundation.

Date of all the methods to determine which versions of significant change.

New 22
* Parts 20,007,000 has been expanded quality control and substantial amendments to the compliance method is more suitable.
* 9000 microbiological examination of the two parts were revised, and add a new program. These include viable, but non-cultured bacterial, new information of the fluorescent substrate assay of E. coli, and an expansion of the iron and sulfur bacteria to identify the portion of information.
* The taste of drinking water data analysis is extended expansion introduced a new taste and smell of the color wheel.
* Inductively Coupled Plasma / Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) determination of the metal contained in the updated quality control requirements and collision cell technology.
* Additional sampling, filtering, and storage requirements added to the UV-absorbing organic ingredients.
* Add a new method for the determination of nitrosamines in drinking water.
* Radium updates.
* References and references updated toxicity 8000.
* On plankton section was revised to include more in-depth program to collect and process samples.
* New data is added to the identification of aquatic organisms.

December 2012 released errata the standard website.
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