Steel Design: William T. Segui: 9780495244714

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Published: November 21,2006 | ISBN-10: 0495244716 ISBN-13 :978-0495244714 Edition: 4
Design of steel structures covered the basic principles of the design of steel structures, emphasizing the design of members and their connections, rather than the integrated design of the building. LRFD design of steel structures steel structure design amendments, it also contains the 2005 unification of LRFD and ASD covered steel structure Manual “. Purpose of this book, therefore, teachers can easily teach LRFD or atrial septal defect or both, if time permits, the difference in these two approaches are mostly conceptual application design as well as the basic principles of practical design is to encourage, but this theory methods to improve the development of the students. While the purpose of this book is for junior and senior engineering students, and some can be used in a later chapter postgraduate courses. because many of the provisions made ​​steel manual, practicing engineers change will find this text useful to review the existing practice, it will be an important reference tool.