Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying: Wolfgang Langewiesche: 9780070362406

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Publication Date: September 1, 1990 ISBN-10: 0,070,362,408 ISBN-13 :978-0,070,362,406 Edition: 1
What is a control stick and rudder:

Invisible secret of all heavier than air flight angle of attack. What is it, why can not see it. Elevator pilots what to do with it.
Why airplanes stall you you know how to stall?
Landing approach. The method of judgment by the pilot’s eyes.
Visual clues, which an experienced pilot unconsciously judges: how you can quickly learn how to use them.
The points do not move. “This phenomenon, which is the first statement. A simple method Log method lines and trees.
Elevator and throttle. A controlled speed control climb and descent. Which is which?
The contradictions of the glider. Pointing nose is not so steep, a steeper drop. Pointed nose steeper, you can fall further.
Rudder what? The aircraft rudder does not turn the rudder of a ship the ship. It has what role?
How one flew away. In turn, aileron, rudder, and elevator.
The landing – how it is done. Visual cues to tell you where the ground.
Its “tail landing gear of the tractor and what is tricky. This may be the only analysis of tail draggers now available to those who want to fly.
Tricycle landing gear, what is good. When the powerful propaganda Write tricycle landing gear, almost all civilian aircraft taildraggers.
Why the airplane does not feel the wind.
Why aircraft flying near.
Plus: a chapter about aviation accidents Leighton Collins, founder and editor of AIR facts. His analysis of aviation safety issues profoundly affect pilots and aviation engineers and promote the benign characteristics of today’s aircraft.
Stick and rudder control is an accurate analysis of the most advanced flight tried. It has been continously in print for 33 years. Clearly shows the pilot, he was flying, just how to do, and why.

Basic basically unchanged, this book is suitable for large airplanes and small, old airplanes and new, and the interest not only to the learner has completed the pilot and coach.

When the stick and rudder control first came out, part of the contents is considered to be highly controversial. In recent years, the recipe has become widely accepted. The pilots and flight instructors found this book work.

Today, some excellent pilot manual to provide accurate and valuable technical information. However, the stick and rudder control is a leading think the art of flying in the book. It is a thorough reading, equivalent to more than an hour of practice.

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