Strategies for Creative Problem Solving (2nd Edition): H. Fogler, Steven LeBlanc: 9780130082794

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Publication Date: September 8, 2007 ISBN-10: 0130082791 ISBN-13 :978-0130082794 Edition: 2
A systematic and effective way to solve the problem, has been completely updated with new examples and interactive resources

Creative problem-solving strategies, Second Edition, will help you to improve your “street smart” and make full use of your creative skills to find a better solution, almost all of the technical issues. With state-of-the-art, and the U.S. National Science Foundation-funded research, it is introduced, will be effective from the beginning to the end of the problem-solving framework strategy, from today’s most effective technology organization. The use of its technology and practice, you will learn how to collect the data, the system identifies the problem, generate superior alternatives, select and implement the best solution, evaluate what you have learned and use this knowledge to create better results .

The first version of creative problem-solving strategies to win the famous American engineering education the Meriam / Willie famous Writers’ Prize. Update and modify this new version of the system, and provide greater value to every engineer, technical practitioners and students. In its many improvements:
Many new examples, plus on detailed real-world case study
Better, more coherent organization, reflecting the views from the tens of thousands of students and professionals
New team-based coverage problems, including conflict resolution
More reports of critical thinking, including the use of the Socratic method
A powerful solution contradictions TRIZ technology introduced
Mature fault diagnosis algorithm to identify the root cause of the equipment and process problems
The new CD-ROM and site

CD-ROM and Web site contains a lot of opportunity to get rich, for students and teachers, including
Interactive modules: Seven analog link to the book’s content and design to deepen every stage of your professional knowledge and problem-solving process.
Abstract Note: highlight important points in each chapter classroom presentations and concept review specific material.
Learning Resources: thinking to solve problems, closed-end and open-ended problem-solving heuristics.
Professional reference frame: other examples and materials to solve the problem.
Other learning materials: Syllabus Web links and related materials.
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