Study Guide for Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (9781590702819): Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist, Alfred F. Bracciano

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Publication Date: January 2004 ISBN-10: 1590702816 ISBN-13 :978-1590702819 | Version: Study Guide, 18
Modern refrigeration and air conditioning provides a good integration of theory and the qualification work skills, to make it the leader in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning! This comprehensive text teaches the basic principles of diagnosis and repair services technology, refrigeration and air conditioning. Modern refrigeration and air conditioning technicians contains ready to obtain the information they need to succeed in today’s world. Including the EPA rules and regulations covering refrigerant recovery, recycling and recovery information. Students and practice staff will benefit from this text, it provides a solid and in-depth understanding of all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Organizational Learning Guide, on the basis of a chapter by chapter, according to the textbook problem to help students review the material presented in this chapter. This supplement is an expendable resource, with perforated pages, so that you can remove and open a given chapter grading or check design.