System Safety Engineering And Risk Assessment: A Practical Approach (Chemical Engineering): Nicholas J. Bahr: 9781560324164

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Publication Date: September 1, 1997 ISBN-10: 1,560,324,163 ISBN-13 :978-1560324164 Edition: 1
As systems become more complex technology, more and more difficult to identify security risks and to control their impact. Engineers today are found, security and risk touch every aspect of the design process, from system design all sold through. Highly pragmatic examples, how to establish the safety of products from a number of industries, system safety engineering and risk assessment of the practical method, as well as for the industrial production process to provide a comprehensive and convenient guide.
The method of using the system, the paper discusses the best system is the use of security technology in various industries, various types of risk analysis, safety checklists and other safety tools, as well as investigate the accident. It explains how to create a data management system, system security program and in-depth study of the risk assessment, including risk assessment methods. Although this book is to provide engineers with a reference in an important area, clarity, together with case studies and illustrations make this book writing access to non-professional and technical personnel need a how to guide the complex system of safety management. It also can be used to involve ergonomics, occupational safety and engineering graduate classes.