Systems Engineering Principles and Practice (Wiley Series in Systems Engineering and Management): Alexander Kossiakoff, William N. Sweet, Sam Seymour, Steven M. Biemer: 9780470405482

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Publication Date: May 24,2011 | ISBN-10: 0,470,405,481 | ISBN-13 :978-0470405482 | edition:
The principles and practice of systems engineering is a national, for the study of traditional systems engineering for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in standard textbooks. It solves a brief description of one of the introductory overview, first – the text for the needs of the development and acquisition of complex technical systems. The material is well organized, readable and learning the case of how to think like a systems engineer, and carry out the best practices in the field of basic to the. Systems engineering as a discipline is still in the development stage, there has been a new. Has entered this field since the text was published in 2003, the concept and practices. With a growing number of students have used the text, topics have been found, will be conducive to the expansion, integration and clarification.
The second version of the company’s proposed development, by the original of the author’s colleagues, to upgrade this unique interdisciplinary guide to systems engineering, to remain in this rapidly changing and demanding of the of the field of the relevance and currency.