The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error: Sidney Dekker: 9780754648260

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Publication Date: June 30, 2006 ISBN-10: 0754648265 ISBN-13 :978-0754648260 Edition: 1
When the face of a human error, you might be tempted to ask: “Why they do not look better? They will not notice how?” Do you think you can solve your human error problem, tell people to be more careful, condemned criminals, issued new rules and procedures. These are expressed “bad apple theory”, where you think your system is safe, if it was not for those unreliable. Erroneous view of the increasing number of people in this old outdated, and will not have any results. The new view, by contrast, understand that human error is actually an organization. Looking for a “human error” by any other name, or by any other person, just start your journey, rather than a convenient conclusions. New perspectives recognize the trade-offs inherent in the system safety and other aspects of the pressure between the (e.g.: the production). People need to create safety through practice at all levels of organization. Open up new areas beyond its successful predecessor, on-site guidance to understand human error “traps and misconceptions to guide you through the old point of view. Explains how to avoid hindsight bias, amplification, from the people closest to the time counterfactual reasoning and judgment, language and place of the unfortunate incident, and resist the temptation, but it can also help you to look forward to this show that, and how to use a new perspective to deal with the question of accountability in the security sector, and build there meaningful countermeasures can even help you make your organization to adopt a new view and improve their learning from failure. so, if you are facing a human error problem, abandoned fallacy quick fix. reading this book.