The Music Kit, Fourth Edition (9780393974027): Tom Manoff

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Publication Date: December 2000 ISBN-10: 0393974022 ISBN-13 :978-0393974027 | Version: 4
Launched in 1976, the basic course of the music suite, to provide a comprehensive learning environment for students.

Encourage students to active learning, and provides a variety of learning styles, and to continue to promote the development and mastery of basic skills for further study in music music kit. The students frequent exercises, listen to music and check the score, running water or along the recorded rhythm clapping, fully computerized tutorials, drills, quizzes, return personalized feedback and ratings. Not just a textbook, music suite provides a complete system for introductory music training, including a workbook, reading rhythm score record book, audio CD, and computer software for Macintosh and Windows. Features updated software, can now be a new record in the Macintosh and Windows platforms, fully track audio CD, and more emphasis on auditory skills, Fourth Edition continues to raise the bar of excellence in musical training.