The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Handbook (Second Edition with 2009 MLA Updates): Richard Bullock, Francine Weinberg: 9780393934397

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Publication Date: July 22, 2009 ISBN-10: 039393439X ISBN-13 :978-0393934397 | Version: 2009 work focused updated second edition
The most successful new rhetoric in a generation, now in a handbook, all students need to write and edit the writing they do all the various versions.

The easy-to-use, flexible, and has great value. Enough detail – and color-coded links, send more detailed information to the students, if they need to – this is to tell the students what they need to know and resist the temptation to know all tell their rhetoric. The first rhetorical design, ease of reference menu, directory and glossary / index, which is more easy to use.

Norton Field Guide manual written in one of the rhetoric of the previous book, guide students’ writing and research needs, the manual is in the back, to help them to modify what they write.