The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion: Jonathan Haidt: 9780307377906

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Date: March 13, 2012 ISBN-10: 0307377903 ISBN-13 :978-0307377906 Edition: 1
Why can not our political leaders to make joint efforts threat looms and problems to install it? Why are people so easy to assume the worst motives fellow? Righteous soul, the social psychologist Jonathan Hite explore the origins of our department, and pointed out that the forward direction of mutual understanding.

His starting point is that moral intuition is almost instantaneous view, we have other people, the things they do. These intuitive feel like self-evident truth, let us confidently sure that those who see things in a different way is wrong. Hite to show us how these intuitions different and different cultures, including left and right of the political culture. He combines his research anthropologists, historians and other psychologists to map areas of moral, he explains why the conservatives can view more subtly, the map can liberals. He then discussed the origins of morality, to overthrow that evolution allows us fundamentally selfish animals. However, rather than argue, we are born of altruism, he let a more subtle claim we simply groupish. This is our groupishness, he explained, which leads to our greatest joy, our religious differences and political background. In the final chapter of an amazing thought and civilization, Hite each side is right, why we need liberals, conservatives, and Libertarians who view flourish as a nation.