Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (9780195371239): John Uicker, Gordon Pennock, Joseph Shigley

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Publication Date: February 26, 2010 ISBN-10: 0,195,371,232 ISBN-13 :978-0,195,371,239 Edition: 4
- Mechanical theory provides a complete study of the displacement, velocity and acceleration, as well as a properly designed mechanical coupling member, the cam, the gear system of the static and dynamic forces of the text. Of background, symbols and named, to enable students to understand the field of mechanisms, kinematics and dynamics of individual.

Comprehensive revision of the fourth edition of this text for senior undergraduate or graduate students in mechanical engineering, ideal for taking a course of the kinematics and / or machine dynamic.

New fourth edition

* Include examples of work, and many new and updated the final chapter jobs in
* Coverage of the helical gears, bevel gears, worm, and the worm wheel has now been integrated into a single chapter
* Dynamic analysis of the material on the plane and space, now integrateded a chapter
* A completely new chapter has been added to the degrees of freedom planar linkage analysis
* Motion Synthesis chapter has been significantly expanded, now includes three, four precise position of graphical method
Chapter static analysis has been expanded to include coverage buckling under axial loading force compression


* Animation, text, includes many digital work model to help the students to imagine and understand their movement in the text CD
* A companion website the teachers ( the / Uicker), to provide more information and resources, including text figures based on PowerPoint slides
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