Traditions & Encounters, Volume 2 From 1500 to the Present. (9780077368036): Jerry Bentley, Herbert Ziegler

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Publication Date: October 8, 2010 | ISBN-10: the 0,077,368,037 ISBN-13 :978-0077368036 | version:
The story of the students. The historical experience of the students. The history of student success. McGraw – Hill, in the past few years, we are dedicated to deepen mutual understanding of the experience of students and teachers. Using a wide range of research tools, including surveys, focus groups, and ethnographic research, we have identified areas for improvement to provide an opportunity to enhance the students’ learning and teaching experience. Tradition & meet the fifth edition of “This is a result. “Encounter”, also has a rich history: the first truly global perspective in world history text, the first to emphasize the connection between different cultures, as well as the two themes combine with seven parts the framework of the first, the teaching and learning of the huge story of world history more manageable. Now “traditional and contact” to become interactive program on the history of the world’s first true sense: married groundbreaking adaptive diagnostic and interactive, a fascinating narrative and engaging visuals, creating a unique learning environment promote greater student success and better course results. Teachers’ understanding of student participation and understanding students the basics and build critical thinking skills. The chapter open amulets and a lively narrative, to enable students to open the page while the adaptive questioning of each chapter and the personalized learning plan for each student to help prepare students for classroom discussions and course. The iconic two themes, “encounter” to continue cultural and interactive storytelling, the formation of the history of the world, and redesigned maps, new primary sources, a new chapter and part of the function, strengthen the connection and prompted students to analyze events and themes to create an understanding and a greater appreciation of history now influence. The students are no longer simple to read, read, interactive participation in the visual, auditory, and hands learning experience. To the students’ experience. Improve the participation and performance of the process. Experience “traditional and contact” and achieved success.