Vis-à-vis: Beginning French (Student Edition): Evelyne Amon, Judith Muyskens, Alice C. Omaggio Hadley: 9780073386447

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Publication Date: January 6, 2010 ISBN-10: 0073386448 ISBN-13 :978-0073386447 | Version: 5
More than any other at the beginning of the French television program, face-to-face to capture students’ attention and inspire them, because of their language and culture has laid a solid foundation for building. Face fifth edition through its unique blend of the four building blocks of skills with contemporary culture and digital tools. The innovative features of face-to-face to attract students to their content. Attract students to the cultural connotation and pleased the new features, such as the French slang pronunciation skills and mini-tutorial. In addition, a set of powerful digital components, in the same location convenient, cool, McGraw – Hill’s unique digital platform.