Welding Essentials: William L. Galvery Jr., Frank B. Marlow: 9780831133016

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Date: January 15, 2007 ISBN-10: 0,831,133,015 ISBN-13 :978-0831133016 Edition: 2
As a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the topic, this new version so welding the welding points is easy for beginners and professionals a convenient reference. The unique comprehensive questions and answers in the form of readers quickly find what they are looking for and fully understood. Elimination of non-essential items, to prevent overloading readers, Welding Essentials solve the security risks and the need for detailed precautions, and to provide a common solution to the problem, for each process. In addition, this valuable reference carefully explained step-by-step set up and close the program, along with the needs of the equipment grounding and GFI and the way they work.

The size of the welding tips, these tips and how to determine what the size of the associated non-standard numbering system manufacturer to use a different thickness of the metal, as well as the appropriate pressure setting.
The new and improved over the drawings.
Air carbon arc cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting discussions.
More comprehensive information, related to the appropriate size, oxy-fuel cutting techniques and pressure chart, a variety of techniques, and pore size drill.
More detailed explanation of the common welding element.
On the wire feeding process in a new and more depth information related to use of tungsten electrodes.
Friction stir welding process.

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